TransRail Innovation Group

TRIG is committed to solving health, safety, environment, economic and regulatory issues affecting North America’s liquid products rail transportation industry.

Leveraging extensive experience in sensor and machine-to-machine technology along with the input of rail transportation industry experts and advisors, TRIG has developed the XLOAD wireless and online connected level measurement and product monitoring technology that mounts on and travels with the tanker rail car.It increases the visibility of critical, expensive, and remote tanker rail cars and the valuable inventory they transport, in loading and unloading terminals and in transit. This increased resolution ensures maximum product is shipped per rail car, and reduces the risks of overweight rail cars, product spills, fines, and trans loading process inefficiencies.

It improves safety by eliminating the need for operators to open rail cars and be exposed to dangerous gases. It reduces the time and risks necessary for carriers and first responders to react to tanker rail car incidents.


Peter Stunden, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

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