Maxxam Analytics

Environmental Services
With the most extensive network of laboratories and service centres throughout Canada, Maxxam provides comprehensive environmental analysis for soil, water and air contaminants. The data collected helps customers comply with environmental regulations and standards that protect human health and the natural environment.

Petroleum Services
Maxxam creates value for the Oil & Gas Industry by delivering the most comprehensive range of analytical services that address key business objectives from productivity to regulatory compliance. We are the scientific leaders in gas analysis and oil sands solutions – from setting up onsite laboratories to tailings management services. Customers leverage Maxxam’s technical expertise to optimize their operational processes and to design customized solutions that serve the emerging needs of the industry.

Food Science & Safety Services
Maxxam offers a wide range of analytical services to verify the quality, safety, reputation and regulatory compliance of food operations. Areas of expertise include: microbiology, residue, food chemistry and nutritional labelling. We use unparalleled expertise in conventional and rapid microbiology methods to help our customers fulfill regulatory requirements, address operational challenges, and bring safe, quality food to market.

Forensic/DNA & Product Testing Services
As the leading private forensic lab in Canada, Maxxam offers DNA analysis for forensic biology, paternity, immigration and pure-bred livestock applications. The business is also recognized internationally as expert in the detection of drugs in biological fluids serving the Horse Racing market. Maxxam’s Product Testing group provides services such as: trace impurities determination, extractable/leachable studies and USP elemental analysis to pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturers.


Nadia Seme, Account Manager- Conventional Oil & Gas

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