Kinley Construction Group

Kinley Construction is a nationally recognized General Contractor with a focused knowledge and working experience in the mechanical fueling industry. The area of construction focuses primarily on hydrocarbon products from Crude oil, to Ethanol, Condensate, Jet Fuels and Railroad Diesel.
The history of Kinley Construction goes back to the oil & gas industry over 100 years ago. In 1985, Kinley evolved into a specialized construction fueling contractor focusing on fueling systems for Airports, Federal Government Facilities, Fuel Pipeline Terminals, Railroad Facilities, and Crude Oil Loading and Unloading Terminals. Within Kinley today, there are experienced personnel that have self‐performed and/or managed a variety of these projects throughout the country.
Kinley has also been a leader in Design/Build and Construction of hydrocarbon loading and offloading facilities in the United States dating back to 2003 with the start of Ethanol distribution by rail. Kinley has been involved in the design and construction of several turnkey projects throughout the United States, and parts of Canada. The design work involves taking a project from the concept phase through the construction to the system startup, and Kinley’s extensive knowledge in this industry gives these projects the best chance to succeed.


Thomas Hansen, President

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