Inspectorate is the core of Bureau Veritas’ Commodities Division, and also an industry leader in inspection and testing of petrochemicals. Managed from our Houston headquarters, Inspectorate’s network of laboratories across the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Northern Latin America offers the very latest in independent testing technology and can provide precise analysis for all types of materials – from raw to complex finished products. Our inspectors and field representatives are supported by an infrastructure of experienced industry professionals, many of whom are active participants in industry organizations such as the International Federation of Inspection Agencies, American Petroleum Institute, the Energy Institute, and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Inspectorate can offer its expertise in a range of services, including:

▪ Petroleum Cargo Inspection & Testing
▪ Cargo Additive Treatment
▪ Crude by Rail Services
▪ Analytical Services
▪ Refrigerant Gas Analysis
▪ Crude Oil Assay
▪ Blending Services
▪ Tank Strapping & Prover Calibration
▪ Biofuels
▪ Marine Fuel Services


Laurence Hayden, Regional Director

12000 Aerospace Avenue, Suite 200  |  Houston, Texas, USA  |  77034