Excel Rail Management LLC

Excel Rail Management LLC is a boutique firm providing a suite of specialized services for rail logistics and planning.  Excel Rail Management LLC offers in-plant switching and unit train operation services complete with onsite management, qualified train service employees, insurance, and locomotives to various industries including Agricultural, Chemical, Energy, Manufacturing, Municipalities and Transit Authorities.  Excel Rail Management LLC represents various regional and shortline railroads with railcar storage capacity strategically located throughout the United States.  By consultation, recruitment, railcar marketing and sales; Excel Rail Management LLC helps shippers meet and overcome challenges involving volume, scale, resource constraints, compliance issues, and rail logistical hurdles.  Excel Rail Management LLC offers a complete end-to-end solution process with a proven record of experience and a metrics for continued success within the rail industry.


Joe Conner, President

PO Box 320662  |  Flowood, Mississippi, USA  |  39232