Empowered Logistics Ltd.

Empowered Logistics Ltd. (ELL) combines GeoMetrix’ state-of-the-art software with integrated hardware allowing our industry professionals to maximize your rail fleet’s utilization. Whether it be shipment controls, route profiling, fleet or integrated shipment management, Empowered Logistics leads the industry with our combined technology and service offerings.

The logistics of rail car movement can be complex.  With each rail car, there are many moving parts that if not proactively managed may lead to costly and unnecessary expenditures.  

Empowered Logistics combines rail fleet management professionals with GeoMetrix’s state-of-the-art software. With multiple service offerings available, ELL can oversee an entire fleet of cars or focus on pain points specific to your operations.  Pain points that your current logistics team may not have the time to address and manage effectively.

The second solution offered by Empowered is the ability to connect real-time rail yard facility information into one affordable package.  The foundation of this package is the Empowered Logistics AEI Trackside Scanner. Fabricated in Calgary,  these scanners are certified for both Canada and the United States. 

 What differentiates the scanners from the competition is their “wireless” installation.  Solar powered and connected to the cloud through either cellular or wifi, the units have no hardwiring requirements.  The limited footprint features a simple screw anchor installation mount that allows for a quick and simple commissioning process.

 The “Empowered Yard” provides a low-cost hardware and software solution directly into the hands of your rail operations team. 

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Wade Kunnas, Director, Business Development

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