ATBD (Application Technology By Design), Inc. is a complete solution provider of AEI (Automatic Equipment Identification) systems to the American Short Line Railroad industry and other rail customers. The company, which is headquartered in Kingwood, Texas, offers many products to facilitate the efficient operation and data acquisition that support daily railroad and plant processes, as well as services from education to complete turnkey systems and maintenance. Some of its products include: DTMF Controlled Switch Machines and D-Rails, Hot Box Detectors, Dragging Equipment Detectors, and Yard Inventory Data Acquisition systems.

ATBD’s customers are typically in one of four stages of development: 1) They simply want to become more familiar with AEI technology 2) They are in the planning stages, wish not to make mistakes, and want assistance in developing an AEI strategy 3) They own and/or have inherited equipment and require some assistance in integrating the systems into their own host or Host Operating Software provider 4) They have an infrastructure and front end processor, feeding data to their Host Operating Software provider, however, they require some assistance in selecting proper site placement to support the application. So, the company takes the time to understand its customers’ requirements, budget, and goals, and then provides a complete solution from installation to integration. When finished, ATBD’s clients have a system they can use, monitor, expand, and support with all the tools and training to do so.


Andy Friend, President

Suite 272, 4582 Kingwood Drive  |  Kingwood, Texas, USA  |  77345