CORE Member companies:

  1. Are provided a new marketing “channel” to member companies, enabling regular networking opportunities such as Saltlik and Saltgrass Summits and other CORE-sponsored events
  2. Have the opportunity to participate in and sponsor CORE Events where they gain additional exposure to clients and potential clients
  3. Work together to promote themselves and other member companies
  4. Share the same values and business approach
  5. Assist each other with projects and opportunities
  6. Benefit from their relationship with other member companies, such as being able to engage in opportunities for co-marketing and joint project participation
  7. Raise their “visibility” as a result of their membership in CORE, and being associated with the CORE “brand”
  8. Understand each other’s strengths and capabilities, and can provide references and testimonials in this respect
  9. Are represented and promoted on the CORE website.


Membership Application:

Membership Fees:

  • Annual Membership Fees for 2016: $1,500 (Calendar Year) in your home country’s currency (CAD or USD)


  • Each member is expected to sponsor one Saltlik or Saltgrass Summit on a rotating basis, including:
    • Identifying and Arranging a speaker (or speakers) for the event in coordination with a defined and agreed “theme”
    • Paying the full the cost of the event
  • Recognition: Branding, exhibits, program mention, etc.